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Adding a PC to the Rams Domain - Knowledgebase / Simulation / Technical Materials / PC Support - SOMTech (Technology Services) - VCU School of Medicine

Adding a PC to the Rams Domain

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  1. Acquire admin password for PC that is being added to the domain.
    1. Go to a PC that has LAPS UI installed.
    2. Run LAPS UI as an administrator.
    3.  Enter the PC name that is being added to the domain and click "Search". 
    4.  The password will appear in the "Password" box.
  2. Log on to the PC being added to the domain with admin privelages.
    1. Login with the username "simtech"
    2. Use the password acquired from LAPS.
  3. Add the PC to the domain.
    1. Press the windows key or click the start menu and type "This PC".
    2. Right click on "This PC" and select Properties.
    3.  Select Advanced system settings on the right side under Related settings.
    4.  Select the Computer Name tab and click the "Change..." button.
    5. Select the Domain option in the "Member of" box and enter
    6.  Select OK and Apply on the properties boxes and the computer has now been added to the RAMS domain.
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