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BI Release Notes

Authors list
In-progress work
  • DevOps UI update
  • ATR prototype
  • Working with Research Administration to validate proposals, awards, and expeditures data.
  • Staff dashboard
Release notes
  • Faculty dashboard updates
    • Added 'FYTD' notation to the Turnover Rate KPI on teh Transitions page
    • Updated the density calculation and added a footnote. 


  • Research dashboard updates
    • Updated the School of Population Health toggle
    • Removed the legend from the Expenditure by Sponsor Type and added the labels to the pie chart on the Expenditures page
    • Added the total dollars to the center of the pie chart on the Expenditures page
    • Changed the Success Rate by Sponsor Type to a table on the Proposals page
  • Research dashboard updates
    • Added '0' as default for KPIs when appropriate
    • Removed duplicate start and end dates on the Active Awards detail page
  • Faculty dashboard migrated to production
    • Updated the dynamic turnover rate calculation
    • Changed Department chart to Turnover Rate by department chart on the Faculty Transitions page.
    • Added FY filter to the Turnover Rate by Department chart 
  • Research dashboard migrated to production
    • Changed the 'Date Range' filter to 'Include Current FY?' yes/no
    • Narrowed the width of all tables for easier reading
    • Adjusted the y-axis of the Effective Indirect Cost Rate chart to not start at 0% to better show the changes
    • Added FYTD in charts, KPIs, and tables
    • Excluded Industry from the Success Rate calculations
    • Added a doughnut chart to look at Success Rate by sponsor types to the Proposal page
  • Faculty dashboard updates migrated to production
    • Updated user interface for UI consistency.
    • Updated data calculations to improve user comprehension and navigation 
    • Definitions added to the KPI hovertext
    • Created and linked new User Guide to dashboard
    • Added details pages to display full data behind the graphs and tables



  • Faculty dashboard with SoPH filter migrated to production

    • SoPH gives option to the user to filter the departments that were moved from School of Medicine to School of Population Health



  • Faculty dashboard with SoPH filter migrated to test

    • SoPH gives option to the user to filter the departments that were moved from School of Medicine to School of Population Health



  • Research dashboard with new UI migrated to test environment

    • Updated Research dashboard to have Summary dashboard page and 4 dashboard pages (Historic Awards, Active Awards, Expenditures and Proposals) with tabs at the top

    • Included option to print any dashboard page to pdf/powerpoint

    • Added the display of filters selected at bottom of page restricted to 3 values. Anything more than 3 will have 'more' label at the end



  • Expenditures/Proposal dashboard changes migrated to production environment

    • Sponsor Type radiobutton expenditure dashboard has the option to pick Direct Sponsor or Origination Sponsor

    • Proposal dashboard page is updated with school hierarchy for Fiscally Managing Unit to use AM# crosswalk from the proposal dataset and master organization hierarchy



  • Historical Awards dashboard changes migrated to production environment

    • Based on the corrected sponsor and originating sponsor type groupings (8 categories)

    • AM# crosswalk between the historical awards dataset and master org hierarchy


Bug fixes:

  • Faculty dashboard in production

    • MCVP data is corrected for latest month



  • Active Awards dashboard changes migrated to production environment

    • Based on AM# crosswalk changes between master organization hierarchy and active awards dataset. 



  • Expenditures and Proposals dashboard to production 

    • For proposals, Currently, we only have schoolbannercode and departmentbannercode and are still awaiting the AM# addition to proposal dataset. Therefore, currently, we are doing the data load based on schoolbannercode and departmentbannercode.

    • For expenditures, we don’t have sponsor type and originating sponsor type included on the dashboard since there are data mismatches in the award number between awards and expenditures dataset which will drop records. We will highlight the differences by next week and we can make a decision how to resolve the mismatch. Based on that, we will update the expenditures dashboard in next iteration.



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