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Elevated Accounts

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As a result of a IT audit completed by VCU Audit and Compliance Services in 2016, SOMTech re-aligned its implementation of administrative rights with VCU security standards. On Tuesday, July 11th, 2017, SOMTech removed current administrative rights from all SOMTech-supported computers to adhere to the following standards:

Nearly all SOMTech-supported Windows-based computers currently use CyberArk EPM (formerly named Viewfinity) privilege management software. This software automatically elevates privileges to administrator level when running whitelisted software. CyberArk EPM automatically allows for requests to be submitted for other software to be whitelisted. Unfortunately, there is not a similar application for SOMTech-supported Mac computers, but alternative options are being investigated. A ticket should be submitted at for any tasks that need administrative rights.

In rare cases, an elevated account may be needed for specific tasks. This account allows for temporary administrative rights elevation. Typically, this is only needed for developer-level access. The following multi-step approval process is in place for those situations. If you are interested in obtaining an elevated account, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete, sign, and submit the Elevated Account request form at
  2. The submitted form will be routed to your supervisor (or administrator as provided on the form) for approval.
  3. SOM Security will review the submission and may contact you to obtain any other required information.
  4. The submitted form will then be routed to the division or department chair for approval.
  5. After receiving approval from the chair, the form will be routed to the Assistant Dean for Administration for final approval.
  6. Once approved, separate elevated accounts will be setup by SOM Security and provided to the requester.

If you have any questions, please email

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