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Emeritus Email Migration SOP - Knowledgebase / Client Services - SOMTech (Technology Services) - VCU School of Medicine

Emeritus Email Migration SOP

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For a PC

  1. On the target machine, have the user login to with their

  2. Launch Outlook

    1. File

    2. Open/Export (top left corner once you hit file)

    3. import/export

    4. Export file (pst)

    5. Put it somewhere memorable and easy to nav to

  3. Go download the google workspace migration tool

    1. (the exe is fine to use, no msi needed)

  4. Have the user enter their eID into the window that comes up on launching it

  5. point the tool at the PST file and import all info

  6. check off all their deleted, contacts, etc, migrate everything

For macOS you add their gmail to outlook via imap

Incoming Mail (IMAP)
Requires SSL: Yes
Port: 993

Outgoing Mail (SMTP)
Requires SSL: Yes
Requires TLS: Yes (if available)
Requires Authentication: Yes
Port for SSL: 465
Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587

Then drag and drop from outlook to gmail.

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