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General tech setup for high fidelity session

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Title: Checklist - General tech setup for high fidelity session

Description: Setting up Control Room/Exam room tech for high fidelity session (and basic troubleshooting)

Equipment: Instructor laptop, Control Room PC, Control Room video displays, Exam room LCD, exam room vitals monitor, USB Microphone, External wireless keyboard with USB receiver, Headphones

Software: Windows, Google chrome browser, LLEAP/Gaumard, Powerpoint, SimulationIQ AV Viewer/Control app, Crestron desktop control unit.

  1. Control Room:

    1. Instructor laptop:

      1. Power on instructor laptop and login (use local login for simlab2 account - this computer is not on the domain)

      2. Verify HDMI Connection for exam room monitor.

      3. (For LLEAP) Verify USB receiver for external keyboard

      4. (For LLEAP) Verify USB connection for external microphone (speaking through manikin)

      5. (For LLEAP) Test USB Microphone and external wireless USB keyboard for streaming voice through manikin

    2. Control Room PC:

      1. Power on Control Room PC and use domain account for login.

      2. Open clock app (make sure full screen).

      3. Open any files that will need to be displayed into the exam room  (normal chest x ray, CT scan, debriefing documents) from shared drive and minimize. 

      4. Use the Crestron control panel to activate the LCD in the exam room and route the control room PC display to the LCD. Make sure that the files opened in the previous step #3 will display to the exam room LCD.

    3. LCD Screens in Control Room:

      1. Power on LCD Screen(s) in control room using remote control. This is to provide direct feed camera views from the exam room.

    4. Headphones - Verify quantity required for session and test headphones to ensure audio working between exam room and control room (headphone cable extenders can be found in the drawer in the corner of control room). 

    5. Overhead microphone - test to verify operation.

    6. X-blue phones - test both ways between control room and exam room.

  2. Exam Room:

    1. Verify exam vitals monitor displays correctly and audio is working properly.

  3. Other:

    1. Verify extra batteries in control room for use with wireless keyboard.

  4. Troubleshooting:

    1. Images not displaying from instructor laptop to vitals monitor in exam room:

      1. Verify that the correct HDMI cable is connected to instructor laptop HDMI port.

      2. There is a converter box under the counter may need a power reset.

    2. LCD in exam room not working:

      1. Control Room PC may need to be rebooted - this may be the case if the LCD screen in the exam room is displaying the input to HDMI when attempting to route through Crestron..

    3. LLEAP Software - Streaming voice not working:

      1. If the instructor laptop/LLEAP app goes to sleep, a restart of the voice conferencing app (from within the instructor application).

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