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Generic Account Passwords

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Generic Simulation Account Password Locations

Description: This document is used to help Simulation Staff acquire the Simlab2/Simlab3 passwords after they have changed, based on compliance

*Simulation Staff may need to restart their PC, if they do not see the "Wallaroo" Drive, in order to implement the Group Policy that enables it*

1. In File Explorer under "This PC" Select the "Wallaroo" Drive

2. Open the "AA_KeePass" Folder

3. Double Click the "KeePass" application and select "Run" when prompted

4. Enter the  "Master Password" and select "OK" (Reach out to a simtech or your supervisor by phone to receive the password) 

5. Double Click the Account you need the password for, to open a window for it. Once the window is open, select the icon with the 3 dots to display the password for that account.

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