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Loaner Laptops

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School of Medicine (SOM) students and employees are afforded the opportunity to temporarily borrow laptops and other SOMTech IT equipment to continue their educational and/or business-related (i.e., non-personal use) work outside of campus facilities. The privilege of borrowing technology resources provided by VCU and SOMTech is not transferable or extendible to people or groups outside of the SOM and terminates when that student or employee is no longer enrolled in or associated with VCU.

Please fill out SOMTech IT Loaner Device Form to reserve a SOMTech laptop. After completion of the form, you will receive an email with further instructions on how and where to pick up the device that being requested.

If there is a request for a loaner laptop for longer than a month or you are not able to pick up the laptop from Sanger Hall, please email to discuss the details of the request.

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