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Requesting a VCU Health Shared Mailbox - Knowledgebase / Client Services / Communication & Collaboration - SOMTech (Technology Services) - VCU School of Medicine

Requesting a VCU Health Shared Mailbox

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This process generally takes 1-2 days to be completed. After SOMTech receives the information below, we will forward the information to VCU Health IT for further processing. After the mailbox has been created and ready, we will follow up with access instructions for owners/members.

Please email if you have any questions.

Shared Mailbox Questionnaire

  1. Will this account act as a separate account that mail can be sent from (group account)
    Or an account that forwards all incoming messages to a group of users like a Listserv (distribution list)?

  2. What is the desired email address?

  3. Briefly describe the purpose of this email account.

  4. Should this address be published in Outlook’s address book?
    This won’t affect the ability to send emails to it.

  5. What is the desired email display name? This is what will be displayed in the address book.

  6. Should this account have the ability to receive email from external email addresses?
    (to receive email from non-VCU/VCUHealth addresses)

  7. Who are the desired owners for the account?

  8. Who should have access to this email account?
    Don’t forget to include the owners if you want the owners to be able to access it.
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