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Routing Different Sources to Stryker Monitor

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Description: Steps on making sources in the Mock OR and Control Room for the Mock OR display on the Stryker Monitors. 

  1.  From the Home Screen of the Crestron Touch Panel in the Control Room: Select "EMR Inputs"

  2.  There are two Stryker Routing Options ("Vitals", "EMR") ->Select the Source you would like to be displayed
    *If you only need one source, you can ignore the "EMR Source" or just make both ("Vitals" and "EMR") the same.*
    *If the screen is not at the home screen like in "Step: 1" you can select "EMR Inputs" at the bottom from any other screen to get here"

  3. From the Stryker Screen: Select the Source ("Vitals" or "EMR") you want to display 
    (The Source should be highlighted after selecting)

  4. Once your Source is selected, Select the monitor you would like to see it on.  
    (The selected display will now be highlighted)
    *You can select multiple monitors or "Vitals" on one and "EMR" on the second*

  5. The Source should now be displaying on the monitor(s) of choice
    *Verify that the monitors are on and functioning*
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