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SOM-ASM Enrollment via iPhone

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Add a new Mac

If you’ve purchased a new Mac and haven’t yet started it up, you can begin.

1.      If you’re adding a Mac portable, plug the Mac into a power source so it doesn’t go to sleep during the process and plug in an Ethernet adapter.

2.      Start up the Mac.

3.    Select the language in Setup Assistant, click Continue, then stop when you see the Country or Region pane.

Note: You must restart the Mac if you go past the Country or Region pane.

4.      Bring your iPhone close to the Mac, then do one of the following:

o    Scan the image that appears in Setup Assistant.

o    Click Pair Manually in the lower-left corner of the Setup Assistant, then tap Manual Pairing in Apple Configurator and enter the six-digit code that appears.

The serial number and other information about the Mac are uploaded to Apple School Manager.

5.      Wait for the process to complete, then login to with your Apple School Manager credentials.

6.      Enter the serial # in the devices search, then select your device.

7.      Edit the MDM site and assign it to the SOM site.

8.      Finally Restart the Mac, login with the SOMTech account and continue with your setup before deploying it to your user.

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