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SOM Shares

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SOM Shares provide a limited amount of secure data storage for all SOM departments. This data is backed up nightly and secured using folder permissions. When logging onto a SOMTech-supported Windows or Mac computer, users will be given a T: drive (Departmental Drive) which houses department-shared data and a U: drive (Home Drive) which is data that is not shared with other users.

Requesting Access to SOM Shares

A direct supervisor or personnel administrator must submit the request for share access on an employee's behalf.

The request can be submitted quickly and easily here:

Be sure to include a complete list of folders access is being requested for or provide someone whose access can be copied.

Access from SOMTech-supported Computers


If on-campus – the SOM shares should map automatically after logging into the computer.

If off-campus – the SOM shares will be accessible after connection to the VCU VPN has been established.


(NOTE: Not all SOM Mac computers are bound to Active Directory and so automatic mapping of SOM shares is not always available. If the SOM shares do not map automatically, and Self is not available, please contact for assistance.)

If on-campus – the SOM shares should map automatically after logging into the computer.

If off-campus – a connection to the VCU VPN is required. After connecting to VCU VPN, open Self and run Map SOMTech Drives under the SOMTech Tools category. 

(NOTE: If on-campus, and the SOM shares do not map automatically. Open Self and run Map SOMTech Drives under the SOMTech Tools category.)

Access via VCU Health Connect

If off-campus and access to a SOMTech-supported computer is unavailable, then this workflow can be used to securely access the SOM shares remotely.

VCU Health Connect is a virtual desktop issued to all persons with a VCU Health email account. The virtual desktop can be accessed here (requires VCU Health credentials):

Once logged into VCU Health Connect, the SOMDriveMapper can be copied to the desktop from the following location on the VCU Health share: S:\SOMTech\SOMDriveMapper

(The following instructions are tailored specifically for accessing the SOMDriveMapper from VCU Health Connect or a VCU Health computer: SOMDriveMapperInstructions.pdf)

Access from a personal computer

Currently, there are two options for accessing the SOM shares from a personal computer. Both these options will allow people to access the SOM shares if they are not physically at a SOM-supported computer. Additionally, it helps ensure that SOM data remains secure and not at risk.

Remotely Connect to SOM-supported computer

If approved for remote access, then SOMTech will configure and send a RDP client used to remotely connect from a personal computer to a SOM-supported computer on campus. 

Request Remote Access:

via VCU Health Connect

Using the previously mentioned method, one can login to VCU Health Connect while on a personal computer in order to access SOM shares.

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