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VCUSOM General text

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The VCUSOM General text is used to add general content to a page.

Fields include:

Name - The Name Element

Heading - This is the content heading (h1) - 150 limit

Sub-heading - This is a sub-heading for the content - 300 limit

Main body - This is the main body - 99999 limit

The best feature of this content type is the WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor which provides some preview to what you are adding to the page.

In the tool bar you have your standard buttons for bolding, italicizing, and underlining text as well as aligning text, creating lists, and indenting text.

There are some additional features that are inherent to T4 such as:

Adding section links - select the section you want to link to from the site structure (this is limited to the sections you have access to in T4)

Adding content links - first select the section you want to link to from the site structure and then select the specific piece of content to link to.

Adding images from the T4 media library - Will allow you to search through the T4 media library and add an image to the page

  • Double clicking the image allows for further CSS styling such as width (auto set in px), border (example: solid 2px black), padding (adds spacing between the border and the image), margin (adds spacing outside of the border), display (specifies the display behavior, such as block, or inline), float (allows text to wrap around the image. ex. left, or right)

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