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Adobe Licensing

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This page describes how Adobe products (including Adobe Acrobat Pro) are delivered to members of the School of Medicine.

Named-User License

Adobe licenses are now being purchased through a contract managed by the central Technology Services group. This affects the whole university. More information can be found at Faculty and Staff within the School of Medicine are granted an Adobe DC license. If the Creative Cloud suite is needed, a request can be submitted at

User Independent Licenses

The process above describes a license assigned to a specific user that can be installed on multiple computers that that user uses. If the Adobe software needs to be accessible to multiple people on a single PC, then a Shared Devices License is required. Please submit a ticket to SOMTech to help request this.

Installing the Software

Follow the steps below to install the software. If further assistance is needed, please submit a ticket to SOMTech at to get a technician to help install the software.

More Documentation

More documentation can be found at If you have any questions, please submit a ticket to SOMTech at

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