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Horizon VDI Information

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What is Horizon?

Horizon is VCU’s new hybrid (on-premise/cloud) accessible research computing infrastructure and platform for VCU. Currently in the buildout stage, a soft launch will occur in the summer of 2024, with availability increasing into the fall.

Horizon’s infrastructure includes large data storage, integrations with data science applications and data warehouses, data storage backups, secure/consistent environments for research labs and instrument workstations, a robust research software catalog, and computational power capable of accommodating all categories of clinical, basic health science, life sciences, and social sciences research.  The initial offering leverages Windows-based workstation environments.

This new infrastructure will provide an environment to support a wide variety of research computing for investigators across multiple disciplines, including (but not limited to): bioinformatics, data sciences, population health, public health, cancer research, knowledge workers, research labs, and many others.

Horizon has been approved by both VCU Health and VCU Information Security, Compliance, and Technology leadership teams as the preferred technology environment to securely deliver VCU Health research datasets with an approved protocol. 


We encourage anyone interested to contact their local IT representative for more information or email on how to get access, how to acquire licenses, or for a consultation.

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